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Arkansas Guided Duck Hunting and Goose Hunting

Guided Duck Hunts in Arkansas

Arkansas Duck Hunting and Goose Hunting in Arkansas is widely known world wide. The Eastern half of the Natural State is a hunting wonderland, especially when it comes to hunting waterfowl. With the Mississippi River to the East, the White River and world famous Cache River to the west, this rich fertile rice country serves as a major migration highway for staggering numbers of ducks and snow geese.

Arkansas Duck Hunting Lodge

Paradise Wings Arkansas Duck Hunting Lodge is positioned right in the center of all the excitement. Our Arkansas guided duck hunts and guided goose hunts will put your right on top of these prized waterfowl. While you're with us you will enjoy a first class waterfowl experience, coupled with great home cooking and true southern hospitality. With over forty years experience in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada, we know how to provide a memorable hunting trip you will remember for a lifetime.

Arkansas Duck Hunting Arkansas Duck Hunting Arkansas Duck Hunting

Paradise Wings Featured on The Flyway Highway

The Flyway Highway

Paradise Wings is in the heart of the Flyway Highway, which starts in central Canada and stretches to the Gulf of Mexico. Also known as the Mississippi Flyway, this route is followed by ducks migrating from their breeding grounds in North America to their wintering grounds in the South. The flyway follows the Mississippi River which borders Eastern Arkansas. The delta region of Arkansas is primarily farmland, much of which is rice fields. In most years, Arkansas winters more mallards than any other place in North America and return year after year to the area surrounding Paradise Wings.

Home of the Blue Phase Ross's Goose

Ross's Goose is the smallest of three light-colored (snow) geese that breed in North America. Sightings of the Ross's Goose were few and far between and their nesting grounds remained unknown until Angus Gavin located them in the Perry River region of the central Canadian Arctic in 1940. The species also nests along the west and south coasts of Hudson Bay, on Southampton and Baffin islands, and in the western Arctic. The main wintering area for the species is presently the Central Valley of California, though increasing numbers winter in Arkansas.

Ross's Geese come in light and dark morphs known as “Blue Geese”, although dark Ross’s Geese are exceedingly rare. Some Blue Geese are "bluer" than others (they have more extensive dark feathering on their bodies) and juvenile Blues can look nearly all black while juvenile light-morph birds look dirty light gray. Paradise Wings occasionally experience sightings of this rare species and we have one mounted to prove it.

Duck hunting in Arkansas